Men’s Mental Health Volunteering

Men’s Mental Health Volunteering

Men’s Minds Matter is a not for profit organisation. We are built on the foundations of voluntary contributions to help in our ambition to reduce male suicide across the UK. We are looking to: 


Continue to raise awareness of the issues faced by men and boys through our online material and social media campaigning


Develop digital self-help material, specifically designed for men. These guides will be based on psychological theory and practice, which has significant research supporting its proven effectiveness in reducing psychological symptoms of distress


Create a service that provides workshops that build the psychological skills, knowledge and resilience known to be protective, during times of crisis and upset


Provide low cost one-to-one support for men in psychosocial crisis that is immediately accessible, and designed to engage men who are reluctant or who would not otherwise consider approaching traditional mental health services


Provide a space for men of all backgrounds, to come together to use their abilities and strengths for the benefit of their local communities, through the creation of our National Federation of Men’s Institute.

​If you would like to help in our ambition of zero suicide please do get in touch. We would love to hear from you.