Men’s Mental Health Information


Gender is one factor which impacts of how we think, feel and behave. Our own relationships with our gender is influenced by our sex, biology, childhood development, socialisation into adulthood and wider expectations and influences from society.

We each have our own unique gendered experiences which helps to form our identities. Some people identify as men, some as women and others as neither. Regardless of where we sit we are all effected by gender which shapes how we experience the world and how be act and behave.

At Men’s Minds Matter we are interested in the diversity of human experience but more specifically in men’s mental health and the psychological experiences of men and boys. Within this group of people we see all sorts of men and boys

At MMM we’re passionate about tackling the high rates of suicide by developing our scientific understanding the experiences of men and boys and how this impacts on men’s mental health.

Rather than sweeping generalisations we provide accurate information on the psychology of men and the intention to reduce distress in all people.

Rather than avoiding the difficult questions we believe in facing them head on.

Our brains are all structured the same. When considering the psychology of human experience we can apply the same.