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Men’s Minds Matter – Tackling Male Suicide

We are passionate about men’s mental health, suicide intervention and prevention. We specialise in developing and delivering psychological interventions for individuals experiencing suicidal thoughts, while also advocating for and raising awareness about male suicide

If you are supporting someone who is suffering with their mental health, visit our helping a friend page for advice and guidance.

If you are struggling and feel like you need some guidance on what to do, visit our dedicated page.

Men’s Suicide Prevention Fundraising

As men’s mental health specialists, we rely on fundraising efforts to carry out our vital work.  Without this support, we wouldn’t be able to research and develop essential, life-saving tools. If you’re involved in fundraising, please consider supporting Men’s Minds Matter to help us save more lives from suicide.

Male Suicide Charity
Male Suicide Rates

Men account for three quarters of all suicides, and male suicides have always been disproportionately high. Suicide is the leading cause of death globally for men, across all age groups. Undeniably, it’s something that needs attention. As men’s suicide specialists, we focus primarily on the male experience, although our clinical model transcends gender.

Men’s Mental Health

More and more people know about the higher male suicide rate. But still, not enough steps have been taken to help. There are many issues  and pressures that men and boys face which require our attention. More needs to be done to help them.

Men & Boys – Suicide Facts

  • 80% of street homeless rough sleepers are male

  • The vast majority of the prison population is male

  • There are significantly higher rates of substance abuse and dependence in men

  • 79% of drug related deaths are male

  • The outward expression of male distress causes significant problems for other men, women and children

  • Men are more likely than women to die prematurely across all age groups

  • They are twice as likely to be a victims of violent crime

Donate To Men’s Mental Health Fundraising

Make contributions at our Local Giving page! All funds raised go towards combating suicide rates and supporting individuals experiencing mental health issues.

Men’s Suicide Prevention Volunteers

MMM has been built on the kind contributions of volunteers. Have something to contribute? We’d love to hear from you. We currently need help organisationally (accounting, business development, funding, website support) and with our web app development (coding, video production, copyright).

Suicide Prevention
Suicide Prevention

We’ve gathered lots of information about suicide prevention, including:
• Hotlines and organisations where you can get help
• Suicide prevention training
• Government programs
• Awareness campaigns 
• Other charities who offer help and support​

Our Suicide Intervention and Prevention Specialists

Dr Luke Sullivan

Consultant clinical psychologist and founding director of Men’s Minds Matter. Luke has been working in the field of suicide prevention and men’s mental health since 2004. In 2009, Luke set up Men’s Minds Matter and went on to develop the MMM model of psychological entrapment and suicidal crises. Additionally, Luke works in NHS crisis resolution home treatments with people who are actively suicidal and at risk of taking their own lives.

Nigel Sanderson

Nigel’s our guy with lived experience of suicide and depression. He’s been able to overcome both of these and now brings his expertise to Men’s Minds Matter so as to help others in need. He encourages people to actively discuss and promote men’s mental health, and helped in the development of the MMM model and interventions.
Nigel is currently studying to become a counsellor and is a  practicing Buddhist.

Are We a Men’s Mental Health Charity?

Men’s Minds Matter is a limited by guarantee community interest company (CIC) instead of a charity. This alternative not for profit charitable structure provides a range of benefits that allow us to provide a better level of service than we would be able to provide if we were a men’s mental health charity.

Men’s Mental Health Charities

Because a charity is led by a board of trustees, the founders have a lot less say about how the organisation acts and what the focus is. The direction charities take is often decided by the trustees, which is great in many ways.. However, having worked very closely with other men’s mental health charities, who broadened their focus to be more inclusive and gender neutral, we’ve seen first hand how this can lead to a loss of focus on the male experience. If we transitioned to a men’s mental health charity, the board could change the aim of our organisation and we could end up in a similar situation.

Because we also develop psychological interventions for people at risk of suicide we believe the CIC set up works better. We keep this narrow focus on suicide intervention and saving lives. Nevertheless, we are guided by our community through advisory groups which include researchers, clinicians and people with lived experience.

Community Interest Companies

A CIC limited by guarantee is a special type of limited company which exists to benefit the community rather than private shareholders. CIC’s limited by guarantee provide an alternative structure to charities. CIC’s and governed by Companies House and we have to report to them to ensure our work meets the needs of the communities we serve. They operate in very similar ways but there are some fundamental differences.

At MMM we do not have any shareholders, ensure all the money we raise is used to benefit our community we serve and unlike some Men’s Mental Health Charities, invest the money we raise into what we say we will. 

Being a CIC, we can focus on exactly where we believe we can have the greatest  impact without being swayed by the potential for extra funding and attention. Our particular type of CIC is limited by guarantee, which means that the money that we fundraise must be used for the community purpose we serve and it can’t be taken out to line the pockets of shareholders (because we don’t have any!). We believe any organisation that takes public money to provide health services should not have shareholders. It’s unethical. 

Because we’re a CIC, we’re also allowed to sell products to fundraise such as our Unisex Hoodies and other products in our store.