Men’s Mental Health Fundraising

Men’s Mental Health Fundraising

Help us keep our work going, the more we raise the faster we can develop and get our suicide intervention to people at risk of suicide. Thanks for your interest in supporting our ambition. Help fundraise for male suicide.

Men's Minds Matter Fundraising
Male suicide charity Fundraising

What’s MMM’s Purpose?

Men’s Minds Matter have been raising awareness male suicide for over a decade. We continue to produce award winning campaigns that bring suicide higher up on the priority list. Help fundraise for male suicide
In 2016, we shifted our focus on to developing psychological interventions for people at risk of suicide. In 2021, we launched the Men’s Minds Matter model of Psychological Entrapment and Suicidal Crisis.
This is the only model of its kind which captures the suicidal experience in its entirety. It’s already saving lives in the therapy room, but we know we are just at the beginning.

Our aim is to get our intervention out to as many people as possible through our digital platforms. We use the money from our fundraisers for this purpose. Without our fundraisers we wouldn’t be able to continue with this work. Help fundraise for male suicide.

We use the Local Giving platform where our fundraisers for male suicide can set up their own page for their fundraising event. Once set up, you can then direct your supporters to your page so they can make a donation.

Your Fundraising for suicide prevention

Thanks for supporting our work. It means so much to us and without our fundraisers we would cease to exist.

As a small team we give our energy to developing our intervention. To support is with this we ask that our fundraisers take the lead. We do our best to provide as much support as we can and will be available to help guide you when needed.

Our Local Giving platform is pretty straightforward so please consider using this to let people know about your event. If the platform isn’t suitable for your fundraiser send us an email and we can talk through other options

Although the money raised is very important to us, each fundraiser also helps to raise awareness of our work. This generates more support in the future and helps to grow our community.

Please tag us in any social media posts in the build up and during your event or provide us with some content to post. We can let people know about your fundraiser and why you chose to support our work. Fundraising for male suicide helps save lives.

How do we use the fundraising for male suicide?

We want to make our intervention freely available to people who are suicidal.

We use all the money raised by our fundraiser to develop our intervention for people who are suicidal. Although we are currently run by volunteers we do need to bring in specialist skills and knowledge to achieve our ambitions and progress our projects. Below are some examples of how we make use of the money we raise.

​£150000 – £200000

This builds our web app suicide intervention

This is the big ticket option. We want to make our self help app as soon as we can. A donation of this size would make the first version and keep it live for 3 years. We’re working towards it already and will make it happen regardless. However, if you can help us get it done sooner then why not go large.


Cost per face to face suicide intervention

We have some limited capacity to offer face to face interventions. We currently offer this where possible on a pay what you can, if you can, when you can basis. Essentially it’s free to those who need it but people can also give back if they would like to. This could be through a future fundraiser or a small donation at a later date.

£500 -£15000

Allows us to build a component of our web application for people experiencing a suicidal crisis

We have started to build our web-application. Rather than hang around we plan to do this incrementally and have our strategy laid out. We know we can launch aspects as we go along that will be of help. By doing so we can get live saving support to people in need. A donation of this size enables us to develop an evidence based practice component of our suicide intervention app.

​£1000 – £15000

Video production costs

We have a range of videos which we need to produce which offer psycho-educational material. To produce a reasonably well produced and edited instructional video does cost money. We’ve had it costed and for what we need each video is somewhere in this range.

£100 – £5000

Covers costs for video editing

We are always open to doing things using minimal resources and like to get the best value from the money we spend. We are able to film content ourselves which use across our platforms. To have these edited professionally would cost somewhere in this range.

£50 – £250

Pays design costs for print material

We make a little go a long way. The current cost to take material and produce a booklet designed for print is between £50 – £100 which is great value. We have a number of booklets are available to people in crisis and those who support them. We have more to come too.


Estimated basic running costs for 2023

We make a little go a long way. For 2023 we need approximately £15000 to cover basic costs. Because we are run by volunteers and many of our supporters work pro-bono our costs are kept low. As we grow costs do increased but for now we think this represents good value and it highlights how carefully we use the money we raise.

​£600 000

Ideal running costs per year for the next 3 years

This amount over the next three years would allow for us to really step things up and bring in the staff needed to drive MMM forwards. We need approximately £200 000 per year to cover costs for a business manager, an expert by experience lead, office costs and other business expenses.


Covers cost to run our training the general population on how to support someone who is suicidal

That’s right, the cost to run these sessions are much lower than the other cost described above. These day long training sessions help people become more confident and able to support people in a suicidal crisis.


Covers supervision costs for clinicians offering face-to-face interventions

Supervision of clinicians working with people who are suicidal in Men’s Minds Matter is provided currently at not cost by Luke. However, to be able to offer more free sessions to people in crisis we need clinical supervisor for our clinicians.


Covers room hire costs for our clinicians

Our clinicians need space to work from. Our current room space in provided free by The Couch. However, to be able to offer more session we need spaces to work from.


Covers administration costs

There is so much day to day administration which needs to be done to stay on top of things. Having support with this allows us to focus on developing our interventions. This is a standard hourly rate.

What our the benefits to the community

Awareness raising, campaigning and intervening to save lives

Men’s Minds Matter initially set out to raise awareness of male suicide, which at the time we started was a largely ignored issue. Our work, alongside other individuals and organisations brought male suicide (and suicide more generally) into focus and helped get the male gender recognised as an at risk group in the National Suicide Prevention Strategy.
​We are the UK’s leading organisation speaking directly to men. The Men’s Minds Matter platform was set up for this purpose and we focus on helping people who are suicidal.

We continue to campaign and raise awareness of male suicide. Our recent campaigns, produced by Media Bounty, supported by Clear Channel, reached over 5 million people in the past year alone. It also won a Drum Award.

Our psychological approach also helps us to train carers, families, friends and communities to be more skilful in the support they offer. Your fundraising helps us to do more, sooner.

In 2016, Men’s Minds Matter made the transition into becoming a service for men when they talked. We recognised early the absence of services in this space and knew that if we were asking men to talk, there needs to be someone to talk too. We now focus on our strength which is in developing and delivering psychological interventions for people at risk of suicide. Our approach brings together clinical experience, lived experience, spiritual and psychological science. 

Our main focus is working towards making this intervention available to as many people as quickly as possible. All the money we raise goes towards this.